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Installing SmugMug plugin in Adobe Lightroom Creative Cloud

 know SmugMug has a great tutorial on how to install the plugin for Adobe Lightroom CC, but I thought I will write my own { more visual } version with step-by-step instructions.

What is SmugMug plugin for Adobe Lightroom?

Lightroom Plugin from SmugMug is a small tool, which will allow you to upload images from your Lightroom library directly to SmugMug.  You can read more about its capabilities – here.


Preparing Adobe Creative Cloud on your Computer

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that Adobe Creative Cloud is syncing files to your computer – otherwise the plugin will not be installed.

Open Adobe Creative Cloud on your computer → and click the settings icon { see the screenshot below }:

Creative Cloud Panel

From the dropdown menu choose PREFERENCES → open CREATIVE CLOUD tab → FILES → turn SYNCING ON { see my screenshot below }:

Installing SmugMug plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud

Once this is done – keep Adobe Creative Cloud running on your computer and then click this link to open SmugMug plugin page for Adobe Lightroom.

You will need to click the FREE button that appears on the page { see my screenshot below }:

Once the installation has finished – you should see in the Adobe Creative Cloud panel on your computer that the plugin has been installed successfully – { see my screenshot below }:

The last thing you need to do is to open your Adobe Creative Cloud and verify that the plugin has been installed – which you can see in the PUBLISH SERVICES section in your Lightroom Library.

Now you just need to double click on the SmugMug icon and authorise it with your SmugMug account:

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