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Change the MENU label on mobile version of your site

If you have set your menu to collapse on mobile devices, you will see a label on the menu button which says MENU.  You can change this label to something else – for example the word OPEN or VIEW GALLERIES.

You can do this by adding a CSS content block to the ENTIRE SITE section of your site and then adding this code to it:

/* Hide the word "menu" */ 
.sm-user-ui .sm-page-widget-nav-mobile-header .sm-page-widget-nav-menu-expand .sm-h5  { 
    visibility: hidden; 

/* Change the title "Menu" to something else */ 
.sm-user-ui .sm-page-widget-nav-mobile-header .sm-page-widget-nav-menu-expand .sm-h5:after { 
    content: 'YOUR CUSTOM LABEL'; 
    visibility: visible; 



Updated on November 28, 2018

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  1. Hi, I have 3 Menu content block on my page. I would like to use these for different langugages. So I need to change “Menu” label on mobile version, but for 3 different words. Is it possible?

    1. You will need to find the ID of each menu content block and change it separately. If you give me a link to your site I may be able to help you with it.

  2. Tom this is what I was on about, i have two menus but need to change the text in both to different text, I couldn’t think of what the item was I was trying to tell you, its the ID as stated above. how do i find these id? i use inspection but have never found id just loads of numbers.

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