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SmugMug Watermarks not appearing on my photos


So you have a PORTFOLIO or a BUSINESS SmugMug subscription plan and you have applied watermarks to your images in a gallery – but those images still do not show the watermark.  There are a few possibilities why the watermark is not appearing on your images – but the most common reason for that is that the MAXIMUM DISPLAY SIZE set in your gallery settings is smaller than the SMALLEST SIZE on the watermark settings page.



Let me show you an example of such a situation.  You have a gallery and your gallery MAXIMUM DISPLAY SIZE is set to MEDIUM size:

smugmug -display-sizes


This means that this gallery will show my images up to MEDIUM size in my gallery and my visitors will not see any larger versions of this image.

In my Watermark settings I have set the SMALLEST SIZE to XLarge – this means that my watermark will only be displayed on XLarge image sizes and above.



So since I am showing my images in the gallery up to MEDIUM size – the watermark will not be seen by my visitors, because the SMALLEST SIZE is set to XLARGE.



There are two solutions for this.

  1. The first one { the easiest } is just to set the MAXIMUM DISPLAY SIZE in your gallery settings to XLarge { as in my watermark settings }.  As soon as you switch the maximum display size to the same size that you have set your watermark – your images will appear watermarked.
  2. The second method is to change your watermark settings – SMALLEST SIZE –  to the same size as your MAXIMUM DISPLAY SIZE in the gallery settings section or smaller.  But this means that you would need to re-watermark your images.So in my case I would have to set the SMALLEST SIZE in my watermark settings to MEDIUM size and then I would need to re-watermark my images to see the change.

My colleague Bea has written a great article on how to Re-Watermark images manually in your gallery – here

Updated on March 23, 2017

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