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Uploading photos from Apple Photos to SmugMug



Unfortunately, Apple Photos does not offer an easy way to upload your images directly to third party services or websites.  Apple Photos also does not support dragging  your images directly to an upload window in a web browser.

So, I am  going to show you how to export your photos first and then upload them to SmugMug using your Web browser.


Exporting images from Apple Photos

Because Apple Photos does not allow dragging images to a web browser { any site, not only SmugMug }, we would need to export your images first from Apple Photos to a folder on your desktop.

Create a folder on your desktop and call it anything you like – for example PHOTO EXPORT → open Apple Photos → select images that you would like to export → click FILE → EXPORT → EXPORT PHOTOS → this will show an export menu – like this one:


Set your export preferences and hit the EXPORT button – this will open a new window where you will need to tell Apple Photos where it should export your images to – the folder that we have created at the beginning of this tutorial { PHOTO EXPORT in my case } and click the EXPORT button again.


Uploading Exported images to SmugMug

Once the exporting has finished, open a gallery/or create a new one on your SmugMug account → click the UPLOAD button → choose TO THIS GALLERY → the upload window will appear → open the folder where you have exported your images to → drag your exported photos from the folder to the uploader window.


Updated on July 23, 2017

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  1. Hi,

    I’m from PicBackMan team, we have our product named ‘PicBackMan’ (www.picbackman.com) which will allow you to upload your Apple Photos or iPhoto library to SmugMug.

    You need to go through following steps:

    1.Download & install PicBackMan into your Mac.
    2).Once registration done, go to ‘Account’ tab of the application.
    3).Connect your SmugMug account. (We use oAuth)
    4).Go to ‘Photo’ tab, click on ‘Associate Apple Photos’ button.
    5).Go to Apple Photos location and select/click on the icon of Apple Photos.
    6).Check the checkbox corresponds to SmugMug. Hit ‘Upload’ button.
    7).PicBackMan will pick up all your files and upload them to SmugMug automatically.

    You need not to extract or export folders from Photos library. Just select the whole library.

    Note: PicBackMan will create the same folder hierarchy on SmugMug according to your Photos library structure.

    PicBackMan is listed in SmugMug third-party uploaders list.

    In case if you need any help or have any query feel free to write us at team@picbackman.com, we help you right away!

  2. I just favourite the photos I want to upload to smugmug, then select browse computer and go to the Photos app link and select the favourites album. I haven’t had to export the photos to a finder file except if I’ve edited them with something like macphun.

  3. I also am able to upload photos into Smugmug via Clicking the Photos app link via upload finder window and choosing from the Albums etc in Photos. I haven’t had the need to export and upload. I am not sure if the upload is changing the files or not. I do now I can select files that are Raw in my library and those are converted to jpegs during the upload.

    I suppose there is less control in the final file, but they do include my edits I applied in photos. I just don’t fully understand what’s happening to those files as I am not setting the size before hand.

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