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Hiding SmugMug footer

I do not recommend doing this because you will then have to log in to your SmugMug account from SmugMug’s homepage. But if you decide that you still would like to hide the SmugMug footer from your SmugMug website – here is how to do this.

Add a CSS content block to the ENTIRE SITE section of your website and then add this code to it:

/*Hiding SmugMug footer*/
.sm-user-ui .sm-page-powered-by {
    display: none;

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Tomasz Nowicki

My name is Tomasz Nowicki and I am a PHOTOGRAPHER and WEB DESIGNER based in the UK. Few years ago I have created my first website using SmugMug - a powerful platform for any type of photographer. I fell in love with it and from day one I have started exploring the possibilities of customizing my website. PHOTOM Portal is a my personal SmugMug knowledge base website where you can find some tips and tricks on how to use and get the most out of your SmugMug website.

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