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Sherlock Customization

A great list of tutorials written by Sherlock Photography – you can access them here

  • adding PayPal to your SmugMug site;
  • creating backup of your SmugMug site;
  • Always show captions in lightbox;
  • Client login system;
  • Label buttons in the lightbox;
  • Original aspect ratio in thumbnail gallery;
  • Activity feed;
  • Add a margin to the lightbox;
  • Add HTML to your profile block;
  • Animations in Lightbox and SM galleries;
  • Avoid cutting off heads in gallery tiles;
  • Before and after comparison;
  • Custom site search;
  • Expand your profile block;
  • Number thumbnails;
  • Rounded corners for photos;
  • Smaller gallery icons + more;
  • Tagged pages;

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