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Tag: hide

Hiding SmugMug footer

I do not recommend doing this because you will then have to log in to your SmugMug account from SmugMug’s homepage. But if you decide that you still would like to hide the SmugMug footer from your SmugMug website – here is how to do this.Add a CSS content block to the ENTIRE SITE...

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Hide the VIEW PHOTO DETAILS button in lightbox { 2019 } view

Here is a short code, which will allow you to hide the PHOTO DETAILS button, which appears on top of your photo:CSS/*Hiding VIEW PHOTO DETAILS button from lightbox 2019 view*/

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How to hide the DOWNLOAD ALL button in your galleries

You can hide the DOWNLOAD ALL button, which appears at the top of your galleries using this CSS .sm-gallery-cover-download-button { display: none !important; }CSSMake sure that you add a CSS content block to the ALL GALLERIES section of your site and then...

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Hide Captions in SmugMug gallery style

To hide captions in galleries that have been set to SmugMug gallery style – add a CSS content block to ALL GALLERIES and then add this code to .sm-tile-info [data-name=CaptionRaw] { display: none; }CSS

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