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Hide BUY button everywhere on your SmugMug site

This CSS code will allow you to hide the BUY button everywhere on your SmugMug website. The button will not appear to your visitors and yourself – logged in account owner.

Add a CSS content block to the ENTIRE SITE section and then add this code to it:

/*Hiding all buy buttons*/
.sm-user-ui .sm-gallery-cover-buttons .sm-gallery-cover-buy-button {
  display: none;   /*This code hides the buy button, which appears at the top of your gallery*/

.sm-user-ui .sm-gallery-image-tools .sm-button-image-buy {
  display: none;   /*This code hides the buy button, which appears over thumbnails in your gallery*/

.sm-user-ui .sm-lightbox-tools .sm-lightbox-buy-button {
  display: none;   /*This code hides the buy button, which appears in the lightbox view*/

.sm-lightbox-v2-photo-buttons .sm-lightbox-buy-button {
  display: none;

Comments (4)

  • Thanks so much for this info….great to remove the horrid big green button that made my paid site look like a freebie! Wondering if you have the code to also remove the green livechat icon from the user area? This gets in my way a lot! Thanks again

    • No, there is no possibility to remove the chat icon. But this icon only shows to you logged in and only during chat hours – it should not be constantly there. If you see it constantly – you may mention this to the support heroes.

      • Thanks for your reply 🙂 Yes, only see chat icon when logged in but it’s still annoying as it is large and on top of my photos. Other sites I am member of simply allow you to switch that off…

        Going back to the original issue, I still see the buy photo button in 2 places even after adding the code:
        1. When viewing photos via organize (
        2. In android

        I guess there’s no way to remove from there?

        It’s amazing how many people ask about removal of the buy button and smugmug are too smug to allow a simple option to “hide everywhere”!

        • No – the customization only affects the public version of your website – not the organizer, which only you can see. In android – when you are logged in as the account owner – you will see these buttons – not possible to remove it because it is baked in to the app.

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