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Checking your DNS records using NSLOOKUP

A few days ago, I discovered NSLOOKUP, a tool that allows you to check your custom domain’s DNS records. This is great for verifying if your SmugMug CNAME records are configured correctly.

🕸️ SmugMug requires you to set your CNAME record to point to For example, I have set up my domain to point to

After you have added a CNAME record that looks like this:

Checking your DNS records using NSLOOKUP

I am using Cloudflare to control my DNS records – because it is one of the best DNS managers out there and is free. You can check my tutorial on how to use it yourself – here.

I have pointed my CNAME record www to

⏳ After you have added your record or changed the record on your domain registrar, you need to give the change up to 72 hours to propagate. 

👀 If the domain is still not working after 72 hours, you can check your DNS record using NSLOOKUP

Enter your custom domain with the CNAME record into the search field and hit the FIND DNS RECORDS button. This is how I have entered my custom domain:


The tool will then display all the DNS records attached to the www DNS record. You need to look for the CNAME record, and it should always say – like here:


If it says something else, you will need to check your DNS records or speak to SmugMug Support Heroes.

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