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Facebook debugger

Sometimes when you add a link to one of your galleries, pages or folders on Facebook – the information displayed on the post does not reflect the up-to-date information from your SmugMug account { especially when you have made your changes recently }.

Facebook needs more time to index these changes on your site – it can take a few days for this process to finish.

There is a great tool that Facebook has developed to update the information instantly – it is called FACEBOOK DEBUGGER:

You can access it here – FACEBOOK DEBUGGER

How to use it?

It is actually very easy – you just need to enter the URL that you would like to update – for example I am going to use my SmugMug site URL:

After you have entered/pasted the URL into the debugger field click the DEBUG button.  This will show how your link will look on Facebook – if the info is still not correct – please click the SCRAPE AGAIN button – this will force Facebook to download the most up-to-date information about this link from your website.

Once you have done this – you are all set – your link will show the most up-to-date information on all Facebook Posts that contain links to your site {only applies to new posts – this will not update links, which have been previously posted}.


If you still see old information about your link in the Facebook Debugger – it means that you need to update it on your SmugMug site.  If it is your homepage link – you will need to change it in the PROFILE section of your site.

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Tomasz Nowicki

My name is Tomasz Nowicki and I am a PHOTOGRAPHER and WEB DESIGNER based in the UK. Few years ago I have created my first website using SmugMug - a powerful platform for any type of photographer. I fell in love with it and from day one I have started exploring the possibilities of customizing my website. PHOTOM Portal is a my personal SmugMug knowledge base website where you can find some tips and tricks on how to use and get the most out of your SmugMug website.

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