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Your Packages and Gallery Downloads just became easier to buy


New Feature


Sensing a theme with these latest updates? We’re passionate about helping you sell more and a big part of that is ensuring that your buyers have the most transparent experience possible when browsing your galleries.

In my last update (below), I mentioned that we would continue iterating and that we’d make the options for purchasing Packages and Gallery Downloads more prominent in your gallery. This update is now live to all Collage and Thumbnail galleries.

If you have Packages and/or Gallery Downloads for sale in a gallery, your visitors will now see something like this:


Previously, access to Packages and Gallery Downloads was buried a few clicks away. Now, viewers will see a prominent “storefront” type placement right at the top of your gallery.

Thus far, we’ve seen that viewers are interacting with these buttons at more than 10 times the rate of the previous button placements. More engagement means more sales for you.

When clicking one of the buttons, buyers will also have a more streamlined process for adding these items to their cart. For instance, when they click “Buy Gallery Download,” they immediately see a prompt to choose their desired options and then they can directly add to cart:


Next up – we’ll be integrating access to the improved buying options screen (referenced in my previous post) into the single photo lightbox. This will provide a good foundation for us to continue building even more improved buying experiences for you and your customers.

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