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Adding a Page to your SmugMug site

In this tutorial I will be showing you STEP-BY-STEP how to create a PAGE on your SmugMug site – like an ABOUT ME page – and attaching it to a navigation bar on your site.

This tutorial applies to all POWER, PORTFOLIO and PRO SmugMug subscribers.

Creating a page

First thing that I will show you is how to create a page on your account and how to add some content to it.

Make sure that you are logged in to your SmugMug account and on your homepage click on the ORGANIZE button to access the ORGANIZER:

Organizing photos on SmugMug

Once the ORGANIZER is open click the green CREATE button and from the dropdown menu choose PAGE:

Create button in SmugMug organizer

This will open a PAGE creation popup window, where you need to give your page a name. Since I am going to use this page as my “about me” page, I have called it ABOUT ME:

Create a page - popup window

As you can see I have added a sentence as my META DESCRIPTION that helps search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc to see what this page is about. This line is not visible to your visitors – it is embedded in the code of this page, which is only visible to search engines. Same applies to keywords so I recommend not leaving these fields empty.

Once you are ready with your page creation – click the CREATE button and in the organizer click on the page that you have created and hit the green DONE button:

Clicking Done in the SmugMug organizer window

Adding content to your page

Now we have our first page ready, I will show you how to add a few elements to your page. I plan to add an image to my about page and a short text description.

Adding an image to your page

While having your newly created Page open, click on the CUSTOMIZE button, which is located at the top of your page. Choose CONTENT AND DESIGN – this will activate the CUSTOMIZATION MODE on your page.

On the right side, you will see a new panel with loads of options – in this tutorial I want you to concentrate only on a few parts of the panel the CONTENT section:

Customization Mode on SkmugMug

Because I want to add a PHOTO to my page, click the + sign on the right side of the PHOTOS content blocks section. This will reveal all the content blocks that you can use to display your images on your page. Since I want to add only one image to my page – I need to use the SINGLE PHOTO content block on my page.

To add a content block to your page just grab the SINGLE PHOTO content block and drop it just below the breadcrumb content block { until you see an arrow pointing to the bottom of your site }:

Adding Content block to SmugMug page

Once the SINGLE PHOTO content has been added to the page – you will see a popup window with a few options. One of the options would be to pick a photo that you would like to display on your page – click it and a photo picker will show all the images that you have on your SmugMug account.

Yes, your image has to be uploaded already to your account before you pick it.

Pick a photo popup window on SmugMug

Once the image is added – click the DONE button and we will move to the next section.

Adding text to your page

Adding text to your page works exactly the same, just instead of picking the SINGLE PHOTOS content BLOCK – you need to pick a TEXT content block:

Text content block on SmugMug

Because I want to display my text on the right side of the image on my page { side by side } I will grab the text content block and drag it to the right side of the photo – until I see the right arrow appear and then I drop it there:

Dragging content block to a page on SmugMug

And that is it! You have a new About Me page!

Attaching your new page to a navigation bar/menu

Our page is ready, so we can add it to a navigation bar/menu on our site, so our visitors can navigate through our site easily.

Because we are adding the navigation bar to the whole site – you will need to add a MENU content block { exactly as the SINGLE PHOTO and TEXT content block from previous sections } to the ENTIRE SITE section of your site.

Adding Menu Content block to the entire site section on SmugMug

You need to select the ENTIRE SITE section { by clicking on it once } and then drag a MENU content block to the HEADER area.

Once the MENU content block is added hover your cursor over it and click the WRENCH icon:

Menu links in the Menu content block on SmugMug

This will open a popup window with two tabs – BASIC and LINKS – open the LINKS tab and hit the + button. This will allow you to add a new link to the MENU on your site:

Adding page to the menu content block on SmugMug

As you can see above, I have called my link ABOUT ME and it appeared straight away in the menu content block. Because my about page is saved on my SmugMug account I have to choose LINK TO → PAGE I CHOOSE, this will activate a new option below, called PICK ONE – click it, this will allow you to select the page that you have just created { your ABOUT ME page }. Once selected hit DONE and publish your changes.

That is it :} You now have a great looking MENU with an ABOUT ME link that takes your visitors to your ABOUT ME page.

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